viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Emotional Intelligence: From Barney to the Business World

Emotional intelligence: the ability to understand yourself, your goals, intentions, responses, behaviour and  understand others, and their feelings.

Wait a minute...emotional intelligence? Another one of those lovey dovey theories in which "I love you, You love me, We're one big happy family?" That sounds like real professionalism in health care management. Let's all hold hands and sing with Barney.
Let me get back to work on real things. Protocols. Strategic Planning. Budget Planning. Human Resources.

News Flash: London School of Business: "Learning to Show Emotional Intelligence"

London School of Buiness, that sounds a bit more like professionalism than Barney...It sounds a bit more like men and women in business suits than a big purple dinosaur.

Why Barack Obama Won the Election with Emotional Intelligence

So Emotional Intelligence can cause success? Win elections?  It can also  can cause some dollars in the piggy bank:
  • When the U.S. Air Force began selecting recruiters based specifically on their EI skills, it reported that recruiting successes increased threefold. In total, the Air Force EI initiative produced annual savings of $3 million and it was later recommended that all branches of the military launch similar initiatives.
  • Financial advisors at American Express who were trained in EI proved their worth in a study that compared them to other advisors who did not receive the training. After the training was completed, the advisors in the EI group grew their businesses by 18.1 percent. The untrained group saw growth of 16.2 percent

    Understanding the feelings or your co-workers, your boss, or your employees allows a more harmonized work environment. Click here to read Guidelines on Promoting Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace. And start counting the pennies (and dollars) pouring into the piggy bank of success.

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  1. Fantastico!! nicole he disfrutado muchísmo con tu entrada y sobretodo con la canción de la he cantado toda la tarde a mis peque a ver si aprenden algo... si pensaramos en esta canción todos los dias, creo que seriámos mucho más felices. gracias.